Ondas Atlánticas

Ondas Atlánticas. Episodio 100.

Programa: Ondas Atlánticas. Episodio 100.

Data d'emissió: 12 de juliol de 2023


Número episodi:

Hoy en en episodio 100 de Ondas Atlánticas (especial década 80) han sonado:

1. The Cure-Plainsong-Disintegration (1989)
2.Joy Division-A means to an End-Closer (1980)
3. The Smiths-Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others-The Queen Is dead (1986)
4. The Sound-Total Recall-Heads and Hearts(1985)
​ 5. The Church-Almost With You-The Bluerred Crusade(1982)
6. The Go Betweens-Bachelor Kisses-Spring Hill Fair (1984)
7.Prefab Sprout-Lions in My Own Garden-Lions In My Own Garden: Exit Someone (1982)
8. Blue In Heaven-Julie Cries-All the men`s god (1985)