Ondas Atlánticas

Ondas Atlánticas. Episodio 101.

Programa: Ondas Atlánticas. Episodio 101.

Data d'emissió: 19 de juliol de 2023


Número episodi:

Hoy en el episodio 101 de Ondas Atlánticas han sonado (Especial década 80):

1. Lowlife -Eternity Road-Eternity Road (1987)
2.The Lotus Eaters-You Don´t Need Someone New (1987)
3. Wild Swams-Whirpool Heart-Bringing Home The Ashes (1988)
4. Into Paradise-Here With You-Under The Water (1990)
5. The Caretaker Race-Anywhere But Home (1988)
6.The Power Of Dreams-Stay-Immigrants, Emigrants and Me(1990)
7. Essence-Only For You-Ecstasy (1988)
8-Kitchens Of Distinction-The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule-Love is Hell (1989)